Monday, July 02, 2012


Consultei Doris Gauthier, canadense, o maior especialista em história da grafologia mundial.
Abaixo a resposta dele sobre o trabalho de Roberto Goldkorn.

Também consultei os principais grafólogos americanos sobre o utilização da grafologia arquétipica por bancos privados americanos (privates banks) que o mesmo diz dar consultoria. A linguagem corporal dele quando disse isto é extremamente interessante.

As to Roberto Bo Goldkorn, I read his web site at the following address

and I cannot connect him with any previous author analysing signatures only. The story about the Russian KGB is “farfelue” in my opinion and has no foundation, to my knowledge. I do have a Russian book about signature analysis but it is forensic material only and no psychological interpretation at all. The other book about analysing signature is “Diagram of the Unconscious” by Werner Wolff but it is, among other things, about consistency of expressive movement.
I know about the Austrian Raphael Shermann who was analyzing signatures only in the 20/30 but he was a known clairvoyant and did not leave any system of analysis.

The word “archetypical” has been used in French by Monique Genty in one of her books in relation with the Jungian approach, but no apparent link with Goldkorn’s approach.
I wonder if there would be some influence from the French Vaudoiset “La chair et l’écriture” and her graphotherapy program with the “totem” (similar to typical gestures of St-Morand).

One thing for sure, his eclectic approach, as proposed on his web page, does not give a positive image to HWA.

Have a nice day and keep up the good work in Brazil.
Warm regards to all the people I have met in Santiago in the past (already six years ago…)


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